Saturday, 5 March 2011

Crazy and Wacky Basses

This is gonna be fun!

Lets start with this one, its owned by Basdyret from the Talkbass forums, check it out if you haven't already!

Its a Ritter platinum fretless with blue strings. The guy who makes these wacky groove machines is a German dude named Jens Ritter, his basses usually fetch a high price. I'm talking $5000+.

This bass is a Conklin Pacman Bass, with 9 strings! Its owned by a solo bass player by the name of Jean Baudin (you may know him as the guy who plays Super Mario with a 12 string bass on YouTube) He has done all sorts of cool stuff and has some truly amazing basses so check him out here.

This one seems to be a Dean explorer type bass, a ZZ Top signature. It kinda looks like a mad scientist from an 80's hairband fused a poodle and a bass together, i cant say I'm a big fan. It probably doesn't sound that great with all that fur but if being flamboyant is your thing then I'm not gonna judge.

Aah the classic washtub bass, not that wacky considering it was once extremely popular but i still think it deserves a mention here.

Snake Bass, pretty self explanatory huh?

Wait! it seems to have eaten a small foot....

A backwards 2 string bass, now this is creative! It belongs to Stig Pedersen from Danish rock band D-A-D. Stig designs his own basses with only 2 or 3 strings because he only ever used the E and the A strings anyway.

Suggested by kenfxj on the TB forums this is a pretty interesting bass. I think its just a cheap Ibanez with a whole lot of stickers on it but hey, it sure is creative. I really like what people do in modding and converting basses into completely different things!

Koi bass and skull bass. Don't know anything about these basses but they were suggested by Ursus Tyrannus from the TB forums.

Now this is really groovy, made by Washburn, its a replica of Bootsy Collins space bass. While it looks cool, I'm not sure how comfy it'd be to play this sitting down :p

And this is the most insane bass collection I've ever seen. Belonging to John Turner from the TB forums, this is a multi stringed force to be reckoned with.

Here's another Jean Baudin, with 11 strings and incredible tone woods this one is simply stunning, its probably a little heavy though.

I know there are heaps more insane basses out there but these are just a few of my personal favourites. Happy Bassing Everyone!!!

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