Friday, 4 March 2011

My Basses

I would like to begin  by talking about my basses.

These ones. A Squier Vintage modified Fretless Jazz Bass (the one on the left) and a Fender Jaguar Bass (the other one) . These pretty much cover all my needs, the fretless has a smooth silky tone perfect for groovy jazz tunes. You may have noticed that its a homage to Jaco's famous Bass of DOOM. Its not quite as cool but will do the job.

The second Bass is a Fender Jaguar a robotic epileptic funk machine and its more versatile than a spork (spoon-fork). The knobs and switches surrounding dotted around its pick guard change the sound of the bass.From metal to funk and all the way to Marvin Gaye this bass is the bees knees.

Especially groovy (as seen in the picture below) it the Hipshot Drop-D tuner. This nifty device allows me to flip from E to D and back in a matter of seconds and is a great addition to any axe.

These basses are dear to me and although i love trying and buying new basses, these are all I need at the moment, they are versatile and fresh! So I encourage you my friend don't waste your money on things you don't need and love thy neighbour.

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